A film by Beny Wagner & Sasha Litvintseva Constant is a hallucinatory journey through the social and political histories of measurement. From early modern European land enclosures to the French Revolution to the current frontier of Big Science, the film traces the relationship of measurement standardization to power, ideals of democratisation and the realities of … Sigue leyendo Constant

WTC is part of Visions du Reél Burning Light Competition!

WTC A Love Story by Wouter De Raeve and Lietje Bauwens will be part of Visions du Reél official competition this April and will be available for visitors here. On the side, The Yellow Submarine by Britte van Meurs and When The Whistle Glares by Marieke van Rooy and Domenico Mangano will be part of … Sigue leyendo WTC is part of Visions du Reél Burning Light Competition!

Third Nature

A film by Daria Kiseleva Combining the elements of documentary, science fiction and essay film, Third Nature addresses algorithms (machines) as a species, and the virtual as its habitat. It is shot entirely in a virtual environment of video games and set in the space where the boundaries between organic, cultural and technical are obfuscated. … Sigue leyendo Third Nature


A film by Erika Roux Difficult is an all female music band. Their musical collaboration combines absurd lyrics with punk sensibility and improvisation, a difficult process of unlearning and transcending genres. In this film we are immersed into their musical experimentation within the safe space of the rehearsal studio.  2021 | 46 mins |English |Dutch … Sigue leyendo Difficult

WTC A Love Story in Docs for Sale

After two weeks in Dokleipzig Dok Market, the documentary WTC A Love Story by Lietje Bauwens and Wouter de Raeve will be part of the Docs for Sale in Idfa. I will be virtually visiting the festival. Interested in meeting me and knowing more about my catalogue or Video Power’s catalogue? Write an email to … Sigue leyendo WTC A Love Story in Docs for Sale