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WTC is part of Visions du Reél Burning Light Competition!

WTC A Love Story by Wouter De Raeve and Lietje Bauwens will be part of Visions du Reél official competition this April and will be available for visitors here. On the side, The Yellow Submarine by Britte van Meurs and When The Whistle Glares by Marieke van Rooy and Domenico Mangano will be part of…

Solastalgia Around Europe

After its premiere in Jihlava, Solastalgia by Eline Kersten was part of the Market Picks in Clermont Ferrand 2021 and will be part of WRO Media Art Biennale in Poland.

WTC A Love Story in Docs for Sale

After two weeks in Dokleipzig Dok Market, the documentary WTC A Love Story by Lietje Bauwens and Wouter de Raeve will be part of the Docs for Sale in Idfa. I will be virtually visiting the festival. Interested in meeting me and knowing more about my catalogue or Video Power’s catalogue? Write an email to…

Solastalgia in Jihlava 2020

Solastalgia by Eline Kersten is part of the Short Joy program at Jihlava 2020. Because of Covid, the film can be watched online for free here. Don’t forget to give it 5 stars so we can win the Audience Award!

A Demonstration around the world

The Video Power-produced film A Demonstration by Sasha Litvintseva & Beny Wagner is travelling around the world. After premiering at Berlinale, it has been shown in Moscow International Experimental Film Festival, New Holland Island International Film Festival, Festival della Lessinia in Italt & Still Voices Film Festival in Ireland. More selections to be announced soon.

Summer & Autumn Screenings for Stéphanie Lagarde

This Summer, Déploiements by Stéphanie Lagarde was part of the Athens Digital Art Film Festival and Short Waves in Poland. Her new film Rocky Tales of Occupation (also distributed by Saji Films) will be part of Arkipel Festival in Jakarta Indonesia, which will take place in Autumn.

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