Limbo in Limbo

A film by Yvonne Nouwen

Sometimes moving back in with your parents isn’t very comfortable. Like when you’re 36, unemployed and struggling with the COVID19 pandemic and an early midlife crisis. ‘Limbo in Limbo’ takes you on the internal journey of an overthinker stuck with her worst enemy (herself) in a time when escaping reality no longer seems to be an option. A self-portrait of a self-critic pur sang.

2021 | 40 mins | Dutch |Dutch Production

The director:

Yvonne Nouwen was born and raised in the small town of Weert, in the south of The Netherlands.

After graduating Cultural Anthropology (BSc) and International Development Studies (MSc), she worked for the Ministry of Justice, the Dutch National Police and an international non-governmental organisation in Bangkok (Thailand) combating child sexual abuse.

In 2019 she graduated with honours the international DocNomads Master studies in documentary film directing. This enabled her to combine her love for film with her need to address societal issues. She directed the film ‘The Missionary Position’, based on old letters from her great-uncle who was a missionary in Belgium Congo. Her film ‘Painfully Beautiful’ – about a non-offending paedophile – premiered in 2020 at the Odense Film Festival in Denmark.

Yvonne is mainly interested in portraying issues in the grey area and likes to challenge her viewers with raw realness. Through her production company Wanderer Productions, she is engaged in production, directing and editing of film and video. She also works as a communications advisor for an organisation working against domestic abuse. Her dream is to one day be able to be a fulltime filmmaker.

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